Windsor, Ontario, Canada

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BORN JULY 30 2019

Magic X Impact (Stoverly)

Hoping for some crazy sports puppies from these two. Both dogs are disc crazy and love to play. Impact is also Vera’s dad so we already know a thing or two about the drive his puppies inherit. We could not be more excited about this litter!

Magic & Impact are the proud parents of 6 puppies! 3 black tri females, 2 black tri males, and one red tri female! Puppies were NOT docked and will have a full, natural tail.

Only one puppy left available. See info on him below.

Magic/Impact puppies have found wonderful homes!


Litter name: Kasmina


Litter name: Jace


Litter name: Chandra


Litter name: Liliana


Litter name: Nissa